10 Means of Reducing the Risk of Cancer While much is said and written about cancer treatments.

GIVE UP SMOKING Smoking has been reliably associated with cancer for a long time now. Smokers run the chance of developing lung, throat, mouth area, liver, kidney, and tummy cancer, in addition to a host more. Also those that inhale smoke – which is where most of the cancer causing chemicals are available – passively can form extreme cases of cancer. As such, reducing and quitting smoking can act as a positive preventative method eventually. 2. REDUCE ALCOHOL INTAKE Alcohol usage has been from the likes of cancer of the liver, breast, and mouth. Consuming smaller amounts is known as risky Even, although the risk grows ever greater the more that is consumed.Per tech website PopSci: Experts at the University of Minnesota [have] revealed a drone which can be controlled simply by thought, and that is not the coolest thing about it. Published in the Journal of Neuro Engineering, the task has implications in everything from unmanned vehicles to paraplegic mobility. According to researchers, the futuristic capabilities are very basic actually. The drone itself is currently obtainable as a four-blade helicopter called the Parrot AR quadrotor commercially, which is essentially a drone hobbyist’s Model T .