Day: October 23, 2017

Millions of people have already been under its influences for decades now.

Suggestions for Eating Clean: * Say No to Processed Foods: This is the first step which you should consider towards cleaning up your diet. You can swap the processed foods with the homemade and homegrown ones. Tomato sauces, desserts and other common items could be made in the home from scratch easily, using nothing but natural ingredients. * Raw Vegetables ARE CRUCIAL: When carrying out a clean eating diet, you have to get a lot of raw vegetables and fruits. Eat lots of spinach, broccoli and other healthy and nutritious fruit and veggies. * Get Gone Trans Body fat: Ingesting trans fats will make you harmful and put you at risk of several scary health hazards. Read More

Applicant in the biomedical engineering plan.

3-D Petri dish that grows cells in three dimensions A team of Dark brown University biomedical engineers has invented a 3-D Petri dish that may grow cells in three dimensions, a way that guarantees to quickly and produce more realistic cells for drug development and cells transplantation cheaply. Morgan conceived and developed the 3-D Petri dish with a group of Brown learners led by Anthony Napolitano, a Ph.D . Applicant in the biomedical engineering plan. Napolitano spent two years perfecting the new dish and recently won a $15,000 award from the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance to build up the patent-pending technology into a commercially viable product. Read More