Day: January 7, 2018

The American Academy of Ophthalmology the attention M.

This is still likely to affect Joseph’s life for at least the next month roughly, Mrs. Purpura stated. He’s not allowed to work through. He can’t lift large items. He can’t help his dad in the family’s dairy business. A different one of Dr. Gieser’s patients wasn’t so lucky. The paintball cut his eyes, leaving him with half of a cornea. Baltimore pediatric ophthalmologist Stuart Dankner, M.D., has treated several sufferers with paintball eye accidental injuries. These injuries often happened during unorganized play with paintball guns and related devices. Dr. Dankner stated one of his individuals, a 14-year-aged boy, who suffered a hyphema – – or bloodstream between layers of the cornea – – when the gas canister hose dislodged injuring the boy’s eyesight and orbit. Read More