Day: April 12, 2018

A baby boy was among triplets delivered by Dr recently.

Jayan Vasudevan, also with Midwest Wellness Partners, became concerned about a clear heart murmur of one of triplets while executing a post natal exam. Dr. Jay immediately requested a consult a pediatric cardiologist to diagnose the severity. The closest pediatric cardiologist was at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, 115 kilometers from the Norfolk medical service. The doctors decided to create a telemedicine consult employing a remote echocardiogram system connected to a mobile and wireless transmitting video conferencing device, rather than immediately transporting the baby to Omaha. Vrbicky. ‘Without the telemedicine consult, there is a genuine possibility that the baby would have needed to be transported either via helicopter or ambulance to Omaha at a very high cost.’ To execute the remote diagnosis, a Phillips 5500 ultrasound machine at Faith Regional Wellness Services was linked to a Librestream Onsight 2000R video device through an S-video connection. Read More