Day: May 16, 2018

AFFiRiS receives MJFF grant for clinical study of AFFITOPE PD01 The Michael J.

Safra Core Plan for PD Research, we’ve been able to bring a short pre-clinical study of PD01 into the clinic. This latest award will take our partnership to the next level, while improving the Foundation’s existence in Austria and in European countries on the whole, further solidifying MJFF as an internationally leader in PD study and treatment.’ Pre-clinical studies also show that the PD01 vaccine stimulates your body’s immune system to produce antibodies that bind to the proteins alpha-synuclein, clearing it from the mind and slowing disease progression. Alpha-synuclein may be the major element in the Lewy bodies that are located in the brains of people with Parkinson’s. It is a high-priority focus on for MJFF, largely since there is compelling evidence that it may play a role in both idiopathic and rarer genetic situations of PD. Read More

The spiral can be a natural type that provides an efficient way for managing space.

15 Reasons a permaculture herb spiral lets you practice sustainable gardening in urban or country settings Whether you’re a city mouse or a nation mouse – – with a high-rise patio or 1000 acres – – building an herb spiral close to your kitchen allows you to partake in the sustainable permaculture revolution and have fresh organic culinary herbs close at hand. An herb spiral is usually a compact vertical garden built on specific principles allowing for individualized administration of wind and drinking water flow to create the ideal garden in a limited amount of space. The spiral can be a natural type that provides an efficient way for managing space, sorting and storing organic disorder treatment . Utilizing the natural universal design of a spiral, the forces of water and gravity flow are used to their fullest enabling proper drainage downhill. Read More