Day: June 8, 2018

59 percent of college students are at high levels of food insecurity.

Students reporting meals insecurity also worked typically 18 hours weekly – some as high as 42 – but the financial needs they faced more than offset that income. These findings were predicated on a survey of 354 college students at Western Oregon University, a mid-size general public university in a small town near the continuing state capitol in Salem, Ore. Students at Western Oregon supported and assisted in this considerable research, and Doris Cancel-Tirado and Leticia Vazquez with Western Oregon co-authored the study. The findings reflect equivalent concerns at colleges and universities over the nation probably, the researchers said, although more research is necessary in many areas to determine the full scope of this problem. Read More

Why not an individual tablet that helps curb both vices prescription drugs online?

A Bartender’s Worst Nightmare Bar-hoppers discovered long ago that cigarette smoking and drinking go hand-in-hand everywhere. So, why not an individual tablet that helps curb both vices? A drug called varenicline could be the answer prescription drugs online . The tablets curently have been shown to create smoking less rewarding for some. Preliminary work, performed in rats, suggests they could perform the same for consuming. ‘The biggest thrill is that this drug, which includes already proved safe for folks trying to stop smoking, is now a potential medication to fight alcohol dependence,’ said Selena Bartlett, a neuroscientist with the Ernest Gallo Clinic and Study Middle at the University of California, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA who led the scholarly research. Read More