Day: July 6, 2018

AACE publishes in depth diabetes management algorithm to take care of prediabetes.

Specifically, the document provides suggestions for treatment prioritization and risk-reduction strategies while addressing the next circumstances and circumstances that often are precursors to, or are concurrent with, a T2DM diagnosis: Management of diabetes and co-existing illnesses or disorders in the prediabetic phase of disease. A hierarchy of guidelines for the management of high blood sugars control using an approach that balances age and comorbidities while minimizing the adverse effects of hypoglycemia and weight gain. Complications-centric treatment of the obese or overweight individual, as opposed to a body mass index -centric approach, including surgical and medical treatments for greater weight reduction. Read More

With the rate of major adverse cardiac events unchanged at 4.

Abbott announces positive results of bioresorbable vascular gadget at TCT conference Abbott today announced positive nine-month results from the first 45 patients signed up for the next stage of the ABSORB trial. At nine weeks, Abbott’s bioresorbable vascular scaffold demonstrated strong results that remained in keeping with the six-month data from the same 45-individual group, with the rate of major adverse cardiac events unchanged at 4.4 % no reports of blood clots cymbalta generic cost . These outcomes were presented during the Cardiovascular Study Foundation’s 22nd annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics conference in Washington, D.C. I am impressed with how consistent the BVS data have already been to date, as the nine-month data are compelling and supportive of previously positive results, stated John Ormiston, M.D., medical director at Mercy Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand, and co-principal investigator for the ABSORB trial. Read More