28 percent of crashes related to cell phone talking.

Orthopaedic surgeons want to prevent the struggling and pain connected with texting-and-driving accidents. To say this habit could be deadly may be the truth; it really is an end result we unfortunately see each day, stated AAOS President John J. Callaghan, MD. Obtain the Message: Texting while Traveling is usually a Deadly Distraction in huge font over a broken, bloodied windshield. AAOS’ nationwide public service advertising campaign was created as a printing PSA and a billboard. The ads are the first step in educating the general public on what has become a commonplace and dangerous practice among drivers. Companion Internet sites urge safer shares and practices vital statistics – – and org/donttext.ota.org/donttext. The magnitude of a distracted crash can transform limbs, futures and lives permanently, said OTA President Timothy J.It can help both organizations prepare for the ever-changing scenery of laboratory medicine, establishing the stage for improved patient outcomes at the right cost. Laboratory tests certainly are a vital part of diagnosis, treatment monitoring and planning every disease from the most frequent to the esoteric. Cleveland Clinic Laboratories offers a lot more than 2,400 tests and provides high-quality, state-of-the-art diagnostic services to physicians and health care facilities in the united states.