Announced today the initiation of another research.

She didn’t find clumps in samples from patients without sickle cell disease. Brittain said other experts may have disrupted the aggregates because bloodstream collection tubes usually contain an anticoagulant that ties up calcium, which is important in cell adhesion often. She saw the aggregates only once she used an anticoagulant that doesn’t remove calcium. Brittain and her colleagues plan further study of the phenomenon, like the conditions that may determine the amount of aggregates in the bloodstream, and whether they are affected by the drug hydroxurea, which is used to take care of sickle cell disease commonly.Compared to subject without pimples. The study also discovered that there was no direct relation between the level of acne lesions and sebum creation. The research has figured patients with acne have higher sebum production but that increased degree of sebum will not directly cause acne. Which means that only excess sebum does not cause more acne, however, many other factors may be involved. Sebum and its own role in Acne formation – Sebum is made by sebaceous glands.