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We work with users of the program and offer training, remote program administration, regular user group meetings and system support. For new adopters we can work with you to customise and configure the system in addition to providing solutions like data migration and program integration. AXT have an array of other sample planning, liquid handling and analytical solutions for the full life science industry. For more details www or give us a call on 9450 1359.. AXT to distribute OpenSpecimen Biobanking software solution AXT and Krishagni Solutions are proud to announce their recent distributorship agreement for the OpenSpecimen biobanking software solution developed designed for clinical experts. OpenSpecimen is a comprehensive alternative for biobanking which will speed up your workflow enabling you to spend less time tracking specimens.Wilinska, Ph.D., Carlo L. Acerini, M.D., Sibylle Dellweg, M.D., Carsten Benesch, Ph.D., Lutz Heinemann, Ph.D., Julia K. Mader, M.D., Manuel Holzer, M.Sc., Harald Kojzar, B.Sc., Jane Exall, R.N., James Yong, M.D., Jennifer Pichierri, M.Sc., Katharine D. Barnard, Ph.D., Craig Kollman, Ph.D., Peiyao Cheng, M.P.H., Peter C. Hindmarsh, M.D., Fiona M. Campbell, M.D., Sabine Arnolds, M.D., Thomas R. Pieber, M.D., Tag L. Evans, M.D., David B. Dunger, M.D., and Roman Hovorka, Ph.D. For the APCam Consortium and AP@home Consortium: House Usage of an Artificial Beta Cell in Type 1 Diabetes Intensive insulin therapy may be the standard of look after type 1 diabetes but is bound by the chance of hypoglycemia,1 which leads to failure in achieving treatment goals for most patients in every age groups.5 New approaches can improve glycemic control when the individual wears the sensors regularly.6,7 If insulin delivery is linked to sensor glucose levels through the usage of an insulin pump that has a threshold-suspend feature,8 which interrupts insulin delivery at preset sugar levels temporarily, the chance of hypoglycemia may be reduced.