In those individuals with severe disease.

Allergic rhinitis: mimics and therapeutic options Several conditions may mimic the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and really should be looked at in the differential diagnosis. In those individuals with severe disease, symptomatic treatments may be less cost-effective in the long term than allergen immunotherapy, the only form of treatment shown to alter the natural history of disease. Asthma and allergic rhinitis coexist, and treatment of allergic rhinitis can improve asthma control. Not absolutely all snuffly noses are due to allergy. Several circumstances may mimic the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and really should be considered in the differential diagnosis. Snuffly noses in infants are more because of infection than allergy generally, are only occasionally because of allergy and are unrelated to dietary factors, even if coexistent meals allergy is present.And in addition, 76 per cent of Quebec respondents chose the European ‘double-cheek peck’ as their desired kissing style for the holiday season.

ABC information announces one-calendar year reporting series on global medical issues ABC Information on Wednesday announced a yearlong project to target attention on the illnesses and health issues that afflict the world’s poorest people, the Associated Press reports . An ABC Television Network news release states: ABC Information will invest a lot more than $4.5 million in the series, covering personnel and production.