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Colon cancer is an extremely serious, lifestyle threatening condition and any concerns should be discussed by you, treatments or changes in lifestyle together with your doctor fully.. 3 Effective CANCER OF THE COLON Tests Colon cancer is any malignancy that affects the last section of the digestive tract . It accounts for over 16,000 deaths in the UK every year and is one of the most prominent cancers in the united kingdom. Fortunately, there are always a true number of techniques you will get yourself tested for this potentially lethal disease.As Mike Adams stated in another of his articles recently, ‘The meals supply is apparently intentionally designed to end human lifestyle rather than nourish it.’ Just how do we prevent GMOs? We can make GMOs as unprofitable as possible by getting informed, by voting with our purchasing power and purchasing as much accredited organic or foods labeled ‘Non-GMO Project Verified’ as possible. We can also effect switch by supporting the ones that raise awareness of the risks of GMOs, such as for example and many others. Sources for this article: the author:Jay Ricci is a resident of Massachusetts, gospel minister, certified health minister/coach and has been a ongoing health writer, researcher and lecturer for a long time.