It really is unclear why she pricked the students.

19 major schoolchildren on HIV drugs after prank with needle After an 8-year-old girl pricked her schoolmates with her mother’s diabetes-testing needle nineteen primary school students have had to be been positioned on drugs to battle HIV because one child in several nineteen was discovered to be HIV positive. Although authorities state the chances of the needle transmitting the virus to the other children were extremely low, the amount should be reduced by the medicines of the virus in their blood or slow the progress of the disease.One prediction is normally that global counterfeit drug sales will reach $75 billion by 2010. Counterfeiting can apply to both branded and generic products, with counterfeit products including drugs with the correct elements or with the wrong ingredients; without substances, with insufficient active ingredient or with fake product packaging. The improved occurrence of counterfeit medications has several serious outcomes. These may include illness or death of patients, higher medical insurance and lost revenues to pharmaceutical manufacturers and governments.