It will be not just a personal triumph but a triumph of community spirit also.

66 newly-minted pharmacists to get diplomas at ETSU When 66 newly-minted pharmacists at East Tennessee Condition University – – the first graduating class of the Gatton University of Pharmacy – – get their diplomas in a few weeks, it will be not just a personal triumph but a triumph of community spirit also. The school almost didn’t happen. When the continuing state of Tennessee committed funds for a new pharmacy plan in Memphis, nearly 500 miles from ETSU and Johnson City, business leaders across Northeast Tennessee took matters in their personal hands, and raised funds .

22, 2015 – – Lower-level radiation and chemotherapy may be as effectual as standard doses for some patients with individual papillomavirus -related cancer of the throat, tongue and tonsils, and may cause fewer unwanted effects, researchers say. The study included 43 patients who had ‘favorable risk’ HPV-associated oropharyngeal cancer and weren’t heavy smokers. In comparison to standard treatment, their radiation therapy was decreased by 16 % and their chemotherapy dosage was reduced by 60 %. After the average follow-up of nearly 21 months , all of the patients were alive with no proof cancer recurrence, according to the report. The sufferers had fewer side effects – – such as mouth dryness, swallowing problems, nausea, vomiting and inflammation of the membranes lining the digestive system – – weighed against patients who received regular treatment, the investigators found.