More High School Sports athletes Using Dip and Chew.

‘Apart from the truth that it includes nicotine, which is usually addictive and also can harm the developing adolescent brain highly, smokeless tobacco is linked with a variety of cancers, such as in the mouth area, the esophagus and the pancreas,’ King said. It is associated with an increased threat of cardiovascular disease and stroke also, he said. However, King said, kids may believe smokeless tobacco can be a safe. ‘They don’t realize the harm associated with nicotine or tobacco,’ he said. And, kids may see snuff and chewing tobacco as more socially acceptable than smoking, King said.When tested hand and hand in the TRAMP prostate malignancy mouse model , APC-100 gave 90 percent efficacy versus the marketed Standard of Treatment giving 55 percent efficacy. Furthermore to increasing time to tumor progression and survival, APC-100 induced a substantial decrease in PSA creation also. Adamis believes these characteristics make APC-100 a first-in-class compound for the potential treatment of castrate-sensitive and castrate-resistant prostate cancer. Dr. Jeremy P. Cetnar, M.D., Principal Investigator for the study, mentioned, Since this molecule was originally developed at the University of Wisconsin, we have become excited to be working with Adamis mainly because we move the drug from the basic research bench into the clinical phases of development.