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Pain Foundation Verde Environmental Technology, Inc. Veterans Wellness Council & Vietnam Veterans of America.. Alliance for Balanced Discomfort Management established to aid appropriate usage of pain management A diverse collective of healthcare advocacy groups, patient institutions, industry representatives and additional stakeholders today announced they established the Alliance for Balanced Discomfort Management to aid appropriate usage of integrated pain administration and responsible usage of prescription pain medicines with an aim to reduce abuse. AfBPM will work collaboratively to educate, support and advocate on behalf of people affected by pain, both chronic and acute. The Alliance for Well balanced Pain Management convenes associates and guests at its inaugural Nov.7. Don’t QUIT! – Any life-style change is difficult. Ask anyone who is hoping to lose weight or stop smoking. You create practices that have a negative impact on your body and eating gluten can cause as many health issues and can be simply as deadly. Stick to your goals and do not give up! Thousands of people are capable to commit to their gluten free diet and so can you! As you probably know, celiac disease causes and irregular reaction to gluten. Therefore causes inflammation of the small intestine and prevents the body from absorbing nutrients properly. If still left undiagnosed, celiac disease can lead to many other health problems including complications that can result in death.