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In furtherance of this goal, AccessDNA has added immediate access to genetic guidance services to its currently comprehensive website ( helping to fill the void created by the significant shortage of trained genetic health professionals in the U.S. And limited doctor education in genetics. Counselors will address many areas of concern, such as prenatal, adult and cancer genetics. Specific services include personalized family history risk analyses, detailed debate regarding the huge benefits and limitations of suitable genetic testing options, and test coordination and interpretation in the areas of medical genetics, ancestry, and paternity..Furthermore to urging international donors to keep the promise of funding HIV/Helps intervention, the activists are also calling on the Kenyan Federal government to commit more money to helping its citizens fight HIV/AIDS. We want the Kenyan federal government to commit to the Abuja Declaration that was signed which stipulated allocation of 15 percent of the national spending budget to health, said Allan Ragi, Executive Director of KANCO. More than 70 percent of the funds used in mitigating the effects of HIV/Helps are from foreign donors, mainly PEPFAR and the Global Fund. However, there are issues that PEPFAR isn’t only more likely to fail scaling-up its coverage within the next Country Procedures Plan, but it can be likely to cut down on provisions in Kenya. Another concern is certainly a dependence on expansion regarding a committed action in the PEPFAR blueprint to involve CSOs in its arranging process.