They are able to provide care to even more patients.

AGnES supports general practitioners General Practitioners may delegate visits to individuals and medical work to skilled employees. In this way, they are able to provide care to even more patients. The change in this structure in Germany has had major consequences for the amount of patients. The increase in age-related and chronic diseases requires more home visits to patients. This delegates medical services to employees. The authors documented patient data and all ongoing function in the context of AGnES and interviewed GPs, practice employees, and sufferers. The authors’ evaluation showed that the project was well approved by participants. Doctors considered that the quality of medical care was good within the AGnES project..Fighting a chronic disease that sapped her energy and zest for life completely, she could get through her day as a teacher barely. Doctors, therapists and alternate doctors were unable to ease her bone crushing exhaustion. Then a friend provided Jan with a box of poetry for her 46th birthday with the guidelines to take one of these envelopes to a peaceful place with a window onto character, or a lovely plant, or a candle. Sit and read the poem aloud to yourself easily, preferably more than once. Every day upon waking, Jan followed the instructions.